A Life-Long Journey

Senior Parent HAPA RetreatThis summer, the annual Senior Parent Retreats were open not only to senior parents, but also to Hyde Alumni Parent Association (HAPA) members and non-Hyde parents. The Family Education Department expects word to spread about this valuable opportunity for both Hyde and non-Hyde parents.

Many HAPAs attended on each campus. “Having alumni parents coupled with the senior parents worked beautifully,” said HAPA Geri Goldstein, (Jason, Bath ’04) who ran the retreats on both campuses this summer. “There wasn’t any distinction in how they worked in the sessions, and every one of them was grateful for the opportunity to reconnect to Hyde and keep working on their goals once they leave Hyde.”

The retreats, called Unique Potential: A Personal Journey, helped participants establish a vision and set goals for what they wanted in the area of relationships in their lives. One parent, who was returning for the first time in 15 years, noted, “This was as valuable as any Hyde experience I ever had. I am so glad I came back and I’m thrilled that the seminars have not changed in their depth.”

Hyde will be continuing these Life-Long Journey retreats next summer, with dates soon to be set. Please contact Geri Goldstein at gggold18@aol.com for more information and to reserve your place.