Hyde Schools Celebrate Grandparents Day

On May 11, Hyde boarding schools in Bath, Maine and Woodstock, Connecticut welcomed grandparents for a day that is becoming a favorite school tradition.

“How unique to see a student doing something he’s really fallen in love with.”

Hyde Schools founder Joe Gauld welcomed grandparents on the Bath campus. Joe’s grandson, Wilson MacMillan, is a junior at Hyde-Bath, and the two participated in the day together.

Grandparents visited classes with their grandchildren, toured campus, and enjoyed a luncheon with other families. Hyde’s Family Education Program hosted grandparents in a school meeting, and grandparents shared their stories about how Hyde’s founding words–Courage, Integrity, Leadership, Curiosity and Concern–have played a role in their lives.

Students and grandparents also talked about what grandparents were like as teenagers, what principles matter most to them today, and how they’ve learned to overcome challenges. Students read tributes to their grandparents and thanked them for visiting. Senior Caroline Hammond said to her grandfather, “I love hanging out with you and listening to your funny stories. I hope to be as full of life as you are someday.”

Grandparent Isabelle Appleton (Ben Fusco ’14, Bath) said, “Today was a remarkable experience. Ben took us to see the recording studio where he’s been working on stage shows. How unique to see a student doing something he’s really fallen in love with.”

Photos from Bath Campus

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Photos from Woodstock Campus

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