Bath: Varsity Tennis vs. Gould

Hyde School                       2

Gould Academy               3


                The Varsity Tennis team played Gould Academy for the second time this season on Saturday afternoon on the indoor courts of Hyde School.  


First Singles (win)

                Jon Lee                                   6                6            

                Jesse Tutor                           0                 0                                         


Second Singles(win)      

                Ignacio Sanchez                    6              6                             

                Benji Page                               1              3


Third Singles(loss)

                Brian Liu                                     3              2

                Will Kannegeiser                   6              6


1st Doubles(loss)

                Zach Leighninger, Ethan Blatt                         0                  1            

 Ron Ruiz, Yannik Voland                                6                   6


2nd Doubles(loss)

                James Howard, Herman Gao                           1                  2             

               Brooks Cayman, Michael Young                     6                   6



                Jon Lee  ‘12 loves his bagels.  In the final regular season appearance of his High school tennis career, Jon beat his opponent in twelve straight games.    Ignacio Sanchez`13 showed signs of nervousness before his match, recalling his brutal loss at the hands of his Gould rival two weeks prior.  The 6 – 0, 6 – 0 loss Ignacio was remembering was soon to be replaced by his 6 – 0, 6 – 3 win over the same opponent.  This is a great shift in momentum for Ignacio as he has struggled to come back from a back injury suffered earlier in the season.   Brian Liu`12 had some solid rallies but had trouble cracking his opponent’s consistent groundstrokes, and struggled as a result.   Zach Leighninger ’13 and Ethan Blatt ’13 had been working on their net play since their loss at Hebron earlier in the week.  They had trouble transitioning this into gameplay however due to interpersonal problems between the two.  Herman Gao ’12 and James Howard ’13 gave a good effort coming to net and focusing on their serves, but lost in the end despite their focus.  The Hyde team prepares for the Maisad Championship Tournament this upcoming week.  The defending Maisad champions hope to have a repeat win in the tournament again this year.