Bath: Hyde Varsity Tennis vs. Hebron Academy

Hyde School                       2

Hebron  Academy           3


                Hyde School Varsity Tennis traveled to Hebron Maine to play Hebron Academy yesterday.  The match was played outside under calm cloudy conditions.


First Singles (win)

                Jon Lee                                 6             6

                Sam Blanchet                     0             2

Second Singles(win)      

                Ignacio Sanchez                6              4                                          

                Jeff Labbe                           1              6              3

Third Singles(loss)

               Brian Liu                                3              0                             

                Ollie Frenette                   6              6

1st Doubles(loss)

                Zach Leighninger,Ethan Blatt                                       5             4

                Nikita Klinsovs, Guillaume Belanger-Therien    7              6

2nd Doubles(loss)

                James Howard, Alex Sun              0              2

               Eli Ross, Ian Choi                               6              6


                Jon Lee`12 was all business with his opponent.  He bageled him in the first set and quickly took the match in the second.  Ignacio Sanchez`13 handled his opponent easily in the first set winning 6-1.  However, he faltered in the second and allowed the Hebron player back into the match.  He buckled down, regained focus in the third set and was able to take the win.  Brian Liu`12 had an off day, losing badly to a player he beat a week ago.  Hopefully he can avenge the loss in the upcoming tournament.  Zach Leighninger`13 and Ethan Blatt`13 had an exciting match.  They struggled early in the first set getting behind 2-3.  However, they changed their strategy, coming to net more frequently.  This coupled with more aggressive play and better placed shots resulted in them coming from behind to  tie it 5-5.  They nearly forced a tie-breaker in the first set but fell 5-7.  They played well in the second set with long rallies and games going to deuce, but failed to force a third set, falling 4-6.   James Howard`13 and Alex Sun`14 played better than the line score indicates.  Many of their games went to deuce and there were some impressive rallies.  They won the first two games of the second set by finding ways to get up to net.  However, they fell back into old habits and lost the next four games.  It was a learning experience for them.  Overall it was a tough match, one that we could have won if we played up to our potential.  The team is regrouping and preparing for our last regular season match with Gould Academy this Saturday.