Bath: Men’s Varsity Tennis vs. Kents Hill

Hyde School                       1

Kents Hill School              4


                The Varsity Tennis team played Kents Hill School for the second time this season on Saturday afternoon at the Morse High School courts in Bath, ME.


First Singles (win)

                Jon Lee                                 6                  4             6

                Dylan Rich                           3                   6            4                             

Second Singles(loss)      

                Ignacio Sanchez                3              0                             

                Shin Ota                             6              6

Third Singles(loss)

                Brian Liu                                  4              3

                Robert Patenaude                6              6

1st Doubles(loss)

                Zach Leighninger, Ethan Blatt                          1             5

                Nick Devine, Jeremy Vandenberg                  6              7

2nd Doubles(loss)

                Alex sun, Herman Gao                                       1              0             

               Pelumi Odimayo, Andrew Mueller                 6              6


                Jon Lee`12 showed determination and stamina as he forced a third set with the Kents Hill #1 single – the only opponent to have beaten Jon so far this season.  Jon was down early in the third set 0-4, but was able to rally back winning the next six games and re-establishing his dominance on the court.   Ignacio Sanchez`13 made his return to the court after a week of rehabbing his back.  He played conservatively, focusing on controlling the point rather than aggressively taking it from his opponent.  More back pain in the second set forced Ignacio to seek immediate ice and electrodes after the match so he could return to cheer on the rest of his team.  Brian Liu`12 sported a new brow of stitches above his right eye, a tribute to the dedication Brian brings to every point he plays.  Though he lost in consecutive sets, he gave a valiant effort coming to net and attempting to implement strategy into his game play.   After Zach Leighninger ’13 and Ethan Blatt ’13 finished their first set, it looked as though Kents Hill was going to walk away with an easy win.  However, an increase in communication, better net play and a cool head from Zach almost forced a third set.  Alex Sun ’14 and James Howard ’13 faced a very skilled opposing team with excellent serves and well placed shots.  James realized a switch in racquets might be a good idea after he broke his into two pieces on an overhead shot.