Bath: Men’s Varsity Tennis vs. Hebron Academy

Hyde School                       2

Hebron  Academy           3


                Hebron Academy came to Hyde to play a match in the Joseph W. Gauld athletic center yesterday.


First Singles (win)

                Jon Lee                                 6             6

                Sam Blanchet                     0              0

Second Singles(win)      

                Brian Liu                              6              6                             

                Ollie Frenette                    4              4

Third Singles(loss)

               Ethan Blatt                           4              6              5              

               Nikita Klinisovs                 6              3              7

1st Doubles(loss)

                Zach Leighninger, James Howard                                               2             3

                Sunpil Howang, Guillaume Belanger-Therien    6              6

2nd Doubles(loss)

                Nicky Li, Herman Gao      0              0

               Eli Ross, Ian Choi               6              6


                Captain Jon Lee`12 beat his opponent easily in straight games 6-0,6-0.  Ignacio Sanchez`13 was forced to sit this one out due to back strain.  He is currently engaging in an intensive rehab program with the  hopes that he can rejoin the team soon.  Consequently, Brian Liu`12 was called upon to fill the 2nd singles slot.  True to form for him, his match was one of the longest of the day.  He won the first set 6-4 with many long rallies and deuce games.  He played aggressively, coming to net frequently to hit forehand volley winners.   During the second set, he came off the court briefly to attend to a rather large gash in his forehead, the result of a self-inflicted wound that happened while following through on a shot.  When he left the court the score was 2-2.  After returning, he went down a game to make it 2-3 in favor of the Hebron player.  Brian battled back in true warrior fashion and won the set 6-4 to win the match.  His determination, leadership and competitive spirit helped him overcome the injury and was a great example for the underclassmen on the team.  After his victory he headed to the local hospital for stitches.  Ethan Blatt`13 had an exceptional match against his superiorly skilled opponent.  The other player had a strong serve and  clean, classical looking strokes.  Ethan played hard the first set, but lost in a close one 4-6.  In the second set and made some adjustments to his game; moving his opponent around, and keeping the ball deep when returning.  This upset the Hebron players balance and momentum switched, allowing Ethan to win the second set easily 6-3, forcing a third set.  By this time the other two matched had been completed and Hebron and Hyde were tied 2-2 for the match.  This really put the pressure on him to win the last set to secure the win for the team.  However, Ethan faltered early, going down 1-5.  In the seventh game he started a comeback that was an amazing display of tenacity and raw nerves.  His opponent needed to win only one game to take the match.  However, Ethan was having none of it.  He proceeded to win the next 4 games to tie the score at 5-5.  He served the next game which went to deuce multiple times but in the end he fell in a really close one 5-7.  He stepped up to the challenge and did absolutely everything he could to win the match.  Despite the loss, he made his team proud.  Zach Leighninger`13 and James Howard`13 struggled in the first set of their match losing fairly quickly in short games.  However, they  refocused during the break between sets and did a much better job in the second set, forcing many games to deuce.  Nicky Li`13 and Herman Gao`13 had a tough day, losing in straight games.  They will be facing some challenge matches from team members who wish to take their spots at 2nd doubles during practice this week.  Hopefully some competition from within the team will make them stronger.  They are both new to the sport, have been working hard, and show a lot of promise if they keep at it.  Overall a tough loss, but the sting was lessened by the gallant effort and commitment displayed by these athletes.