Hyde Family Weekends: Character in Action

Hyde Schools recently wrapped up Family Weekends on the boarding school campuses in Bath, Maine, and Woodstock, Connecticut.  Hyde Schools host parents and siblings in fall and spring for activities, classes, community meetings, family program activities and seminars, sports events, and an energetic Performing Arts show.  Watch video of our performing arts show and view photos below.

“I always tell people that school is for students; Hyde is for families.”

Families were joined by members of the Hyde Alumni Parent Association (HAPA), who helped to facilitate seminars and guided new families through Hyde’s family program.  HAPA member Tom Franks said, “I always tell people that school is for students; Hyde is for families.  Family weekends are a time for all of us to reconnect with Hyde’s principles and put them into practice.  For me it’s also a way to give back to Hyde after everything I’ve learned here.”

The theme for the weekends was “Concern,” one of Hyde’s five principles, which also include Courage, Integrity, Leadership, and Curiosity. In a community meeting, junior Hannah Peters talked about a recent Hyde Leadership Society trip to Florida, where Hyde students mentored younger students at the Central Florida Leadership Academy. “I didn’t know what I was getting into, but that’s been the most amazing thing about my education at Hyde,” she said. “I can now walk into any situation and understand what it means to show concern for others, and why that matters so much.”

Hyde Schools are the leader in family-based character education, and Family Weekends are a perfect example of Hyde’s character in action.  Hyde parent Rick Chesley said, “We’ve watched our son Nathan excel in the classroom and on the sports field, and we’ve continued to develop our relationship with him and other families. This has been a remarkable experience.”

Hyde-Bath Spring Family Weekend Show

Hyde-Woodstock Spring Family Weekend Slideshow

Hyde Family Weekend Photo Galleries

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