Bath: Men’s Varsity Tennis vs. Gould Academy

Hyde School                       1

Gould Academy               4


                The Varsity Tennis team traveled to Bethel Maine to a play Gould Academy.   The match was played outside under cool windy conditions.


First Singles (win)

                Jon Lee                                 7(tie-break 7-2)          6

                Jesse Tutor                         6                              1

Second Singles(loss)      

                Ignacio Sanchez                0              0                             

                Benji Page                          6              6

Third Singles(loss)

                Brian Liu                              2               3

               Will Kannegeiser            6              6

1st Doubles(loss)

                Zach Leighninger, Ethan Blatt                      0             1

                Ron Ruiz, Yannik Voland                              6              6

2nd Doubles(loss)

                Nicky Li, Herman Gao                                      1              0             

               Brooks Layman, Michael Young                 6              6


                Jon Lee`12 had a slow start in his first set against his south-paw opponent.  Late in the first set he battled his way back to take the set in a 7-2 tie-breaker.  He carried this momentum into the next set and won handedly 6-1.   Ignacio Sanchez`13 started the match with  lower back discomfort, something that he had been rehabbing during the week of practice.  Unfortunately, this condition worsened in the first game of the first set and prevented him from playing to his full potential.  Brian Liu`12 had difficulty early in the match and lost the first set in short games.  However, during the break between sets, he vowed to refocus and play with more intensity.  True to his word, he started the second set up 2-1.  Many games went to deuce and he played hard until the final point of the match.  It was a tough loss for him, but he demonstrated tenacity and poise.   Both doubles teams had an off day.  They struggled with communication, frequently finding themselves out of position and on the defensive for most of the match.  The team had a short but intense debrief(seminar) after returning to school to address some of the issues surrounding the challenges of the mental aspect of the game.  Hopefully some of these deficiencies in mindset(attitudes) can be overcome in the coming week before the next match.