Bath: Men’s Varsity Tennis vs. Mt. Ararat

Hyde School                      4

Mount Ararat                    1


                The Hyde Varsity Tennis Team traveled to Topsham for a scrimmage match with Mount Ararat High School yesterday.  The matches were played using an eight game pro-set format.  Teams came off the court after five games were played to conference with coaches.


First Singles (win)

               Ignacio Sanchez                 8

                Max Johnstone                 4                   

Second Singles(win)      

               Brian Liu                               8

                Joe Thomas                        4

Third Singles(win)

               Ethan Blatt                           9

               Charlie Gill                            7

1st Doubles(win)

                Zach Leighninger, James Howard             8               

                Tim Brown, TJ Ackerman                              3

2nd Doubles(loss)

                Herman Gao, Martin Chen           3

               Owen Blease, Andy Chadwick    8


Ignacio Sanchez`12  secured a win as he debuted at first singles for this match.  He started the match down 2-3 at the break.  An equipment adjustment and a tactical change resulted in his winning 6 of the next 7 games for the victory.  Brian Liu`12 continued his winning ways against an equally skilled opponent.  During the first half of play they had many long rallies, both players relying on the other to make unforced errors.  However, Brian turned up the heat in the second half of the match, and played more aggressively, hitting winners when prudent.  This caught his opponent of balance and he notched the win for the team.  Ethan Blatt`13 started his match strong, going up 6-2 early in the match.  However, he faltered and let the Mt. Ararat player tie it at 7-7.  Ethan held serve for the next game which went to multiple deuce points, and managed to break his opponents serve after starting in the hole 40-15 in the final game.  His ability to regain his compose was impressive.  Zach Leighninger`13 and James Howard`13 played well together as partners at 1st doubles.  Zach’s play at net was particularly notable, winning key points at important times.  Herman Gao`12 and Martin Chen`14 made their debut at 2nd doubles.  A combination of nerves and inexperience hampered their start and they stood at 0-5 at the break.  They returned to the court with renewed confidence and played more consistent tennis during the second half of the match, winning 3 games and playing longer points.  It was a good learning experience to help build their future successes on.