Wolfpack Tennis vs. Rocky Hill

Hyde: 1

Rocky Hill: 6


On Monday April 9, Hyde tennis traveled to Rocky Hill for the team’s second match of the season. Third singles player Alvaro Gonzalez ’12 effortlessly gained an early 6–0 lead over his opponent. His level head and precise ball placement helped him maintain his lead and ultimately win 8–2. Fourth singles player Alex Huston ’12 came back from a 0–6 deficit and brought his opponent to a stalemate after winning seven games straight. Huston ultimately lost 8–9 [3–7], but proved gracious and humble in the defeat. Doubles team Shan Shan Wang ’14 and Nicola Gomez, ’13 played their first match of the season, integrating their finely honed work ethics with a strong sense of camaraderie. Singles players Bryant White ’12 and Richard Schuller ’12 along with the doubles team of Chad Bryant ’13 and Will Davis ’13 and Leo Cao ’14 and Martin Ma ’13 also put forth a tremendous effort, which will hopefully later translate into much deserved wins.

-Gillian Weintraub