Bath: Hyde Varsity Tennis vs. Morse High School

Hyde School                       5

Morse High                          0


                The Varsity Tennis team from Bath, Morse High School, came to the Joseph W. Gauld athletic center yesterday afternoon for a  scrimmage match.


First Singles (win)

                Jon Lee                                 5             6              6

                Sam Leeman                      7              4             4

Second Singles(win)      

                Ignacio Sanchez                6             6                             

                Mike Freeman                  0              0

Third Singles(win)

                Brian Liu                              6              6                      

               Dylan Harrington               3              1

1st Doubles(win)

                Zach Leighninger, Ethan Blatt                     6              6

                Josh Heenie, Liam McDermott                  1              1

2nd Doubles(win)

                Nicky Li, James Howard                6              6

               Joe Streb, Andrew Hart                  0              1


                Jon Lee`12 had an exciting rematch with an opponent he beat in a 3 setter  last spring.  The Morse 1st singles player had a powerful serve that was particularly effective on our fast indoor courts.  Consequently, Jon spent a lot of time on the defensive during the first set, losing it in a close one, 5-7.  However, Jon came out in the second set and made some adjustments to his game; intentionally slowing the pace and being more selective with his shots. Slowly momentum shifted and Jon played more offensively, winning the second and third sets.     Ignacio Sanchez`13 easily handled his opponent 6-0,6-0 earning the first double bagel of the season.  Brian Liu`12 continued his winning ways beating his opponent with his carefully placed shots and his consistency, allowing his opponent to lose points on unforced errors.  Zach Leighninger`13 and Ethan Blatt`13 have really started to gel as 1st doubles partners.  Their communication and effective use of the court made them stronger than their Morse counterparts, allowing them to drop only two games in the match.   James Howard`13 and Nicky Li`13 have been focusing on developing their basic tennis skills this past week in practice.  They both have made gains in this area.  However, it was their competitiveness and drive that broke down their equally skilled opponents in this one.