Wolfpack Wins Big at JV New Englands

The Hyde Wolfpack JV wrestlers attended the JV New England Tournament at Tabor Academy this past weekend. This was by far the largest meet many of the wrestlers had attended and the team worked well together. The tournament was run on eight mats and the wrestling took around seven hours. To accommodate over 250 wrestlers the tournament was set up in eight person brackets by weights. The team did well to help each other stay focused and relaxed. Many members of the team helped to coach each other and it was a great display of teamwork and support. The Wolfpack had multiple champions and medal winners on the day. Champions include Joe Yanovitch ’13 wrestling at 183, Greg Munitz 13 wrestling at super-heavy weight, and Ethan Thoms ’12, wrestling at 160. Owen Jean-Jacques ’13. wrestling at 141, won third place and both Brian O’Dea 13, wrestling at 153, and Ben Errera 12, wrestling at 136, took home fourth place medals. Sean McCrystal ‘13, wrestling at 138, Alina Donnelly 13, wrestling at 130, Dylan Marx 14, wrestling at 128, and Alex Katz 15, wrestling at 119, each won fifth place.

Coach Fraser