Bath: Success at JV New England’s

The JV Wrestling team traveled to Marion, Massachusetts to wrestle in the New England Tournament at Tabor Academy.  It was a  great day for the phoenix and a testament to all the hard work and effort put in to this season.  Everyone wrestled at least 3 matches and we had 6 team members place in the top 4 in the tournament.  This included four 2nd place finishes, 1 3rd and 1 4th.  The second place finishers were Brian Edwards, Chris Proach, Ryan Doyle and Austin Makris.  Jack Howarth was third and Omar Harris was 4th.  We also had  two wrestlers, Hang Zhao and Elvis Leng, finish in 5th place.

Hyde JV Wrestlers

Seniors Coach Georgaklis and Coach Randall with all the wrestlers that placed in the top 4 of the tournament.

As we conclude the season on Monday with a team debrief, I would be lying if I didn’t say I’ll miss this team and the work they put in.  Team Captains Mike McInerney and Elvis Leng were amongst the strongest leaders I have coached on a varsity or JV team.  I’ll miss the Hungarian lifts every day at the start of practice and the Russian sit ups along with the infamous seal walk with the whole team calling out like an actual seal.  I will miss the travel and the road games we played and the hip-hop music that I have learned to like.  We had a blast and the boy’s worked hard all year.  Head Varsity Coach Kidwell and I spoke about how exciting the future looks for Phoenix wrestling.  At the beginning of the season we wouldn’t have thought that it would have ended on this note.  Thanks to all the parents that made the journey to our meets; and to Coach “Doc” for all his wisdom and hard work.

JV Wrestling Team

2012 JV Wrestling Team