Wolfpack Girls Junior Varsity Basketball vs. Marianapolis

Hyde School: 7       Marianapolis: 40

The Girl’s JV team played Marianapolis away on Monday afternoon.  Although the girls had not played in a few weeks, they came out showing improvement since the start of the season, demonstrating a strong ability to bring the ball down the court offensively and get back quickly on defense.  There was a talented Marianapolis player who intimidated our young team at the start of the first half, who ended up scoring several of Marianapolis’  points.  However, there were two opportunities that Hyde took advantage of in the first half.  Yoomi Ji ‘13 received a bounce pass from Justine Zhang ‘14 in the middle of the paint to put 2 points on the board for Hyde.  At the close of the first half, after attempting a 3-point shot earlier on in the game, Molly Giordano ‘13,  determined to try again, shot and made her first 3-point shot of the year.  During halftime, the team addressed areas to step up defensively and having the courage to take shots on the goal.  At the start of the second half, things started to pick up.  There were smoother passes, multiple shots on goal, and arms were always up on defense.  Taking in the halftime feedback, Aine Zaniewski ‘13 received a pass from Tina Zhang ‘13, who was open and brave enough to take a shot.  Aine surprised herself as the basket went in and put two more points on the board for Hyde.  To celebrate the girl’s hard work over the course of the season, the team went out to dinner at the Courthouse.  While dining, a basketball coach from Rhode Island came up to Casey and me to express his gratitude for the amount of respect our girls showed while out eating in a populated restaurant.  It has been a true pleasure to spend time with these girls and see their growth over the course of the past few months.


Coaches DeAngelis and Turner