“Once Upon a Mattress” Performed at Hyde School

On Friday, February 17 and Saturday, February 18, drama students at Hyde School’s Woodstock campus performed Roger and Hammerstein’s Once Upon a Mattress at the school’s Cultural Center, located on the south side of the campus.

In the production, Prince Dauntless, played by Alex Trager ’12, desperately desires to be married after the straight 12th princess fails his mother’s royalty test – a test which any princess must pass in order to be rewarded Dauntless’ hand in marriage.   Despite the attempts of Queen Agravain, played by Jane McCafrey ’13, to scare off potential suitors, Dauntless falls in love with the rash and carefree princess Winnifred the Woebegone, played by Alex Smart ’12.  Hilarity ensues as the Queen tries to cut off their love at every turn and shenanigans overtake the usually docile castle.

While royal love is forming, old love is tested between the upstanding Sir Harry and the naïve Lady Larkin, played by Julian Goldenberg ’13 and Angela Guidera de Groot ’14.  After receiving worrisome news, Larkin employs the help of the laughable trio of King Sextimus, Court Jester, and Traveling Minstrel, played by Tom Rich ’12, Kun Il Kim ’12, and Jahmillia St. Claire ’13. However, what originally began as a plot for Larkin to flee the castle develops into a daring adventure to discover the Queen’s final royalty test, ending the town’s long lasting “opening for a princess.”

Directed by Hyde School faculty members Will Cutrer, Amanda Fuller, Robert Tunney, and Alexandra Keyes, the play featured the following Hyde School students: seniors: Tom Rich, Kun Il Kim, Alex Smart, and Alex Trager; juniors Julian Goldenberg, Jahmilia St. Claire, and Jane McCaffrey; and sophomore Angie Guidera de Groot.

Additionally, the stage crew, led by seniors Tom Rushin and Walker Corley and faculty member Alexandra Keyes, surpassed past productions through their solid work into creating the set and lighting for the show.

“Corley and Rushin have jumped at the opportunity to learn scenic painting techniques and have been active collaborators in the set design process,” shared Keyes.  “Their involvement has helped them take more ownership and pride in the show.”

Will Cutrer, the head director of the drama production, shared his excitement for the show. “The students of the Varsity Drama team should be very proud of their work this winter,” he said. “It has clearly been a team effort from theatrical veterans on down to those who are gracing the stage for the first time, and graduating actors Rich, Kim, Trager, and Smart should be proud of their grand exit from the Hyde stage.”

Once Upon a Mattress, Act One, Dress Rehearsal, Thursday, February 16, 2012

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Once Upon a Mattress: Act Two

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