Bath: Hyde Dance Team Performance – Saturday 04/Feb

Hyde Dance Team Receives Warm Reception at Chinese New Year Celebration

The Hyde Dance team travelled to the Westbrook Performing Arts Centre on Saturday morning to participate in the Chinese New Year festivities. This is the second consecutive year that the Hyde team has been invited to the celebration. The team presented a sword dance with ribbons to an audience of over 700. Choreographed by Fan Luo, this dance is inspired by a folk tale about how Chinese people would fight off a monster named Nian (Year). In this tale, the fearsome monster would destroy villages on every eve of Chinese New Year. One year, a little boy discovered that Nian was afraid of the color red. He told his fellow villagers of this discovery and helped them to avert the annual destruction by dancing with red ribbons on sticks. Since then, the villagers have always performed a ribbon dance in honor of the brave warriors who conquered Nian. Follow the link below to see pictures in the Portland Press Herald. Special thanks to Kat Wren (Chris Moreau ’13) and Kate Fusco (Ben Fusco ’13) for attending.