Hyde-Bronx Students and Parents Enjoy Retreat

In December, 2nd and 3rd grade families from Hyde-Bronx ventured out to the beautiful campground of Clearpool Education Center. On this Family Leadership Challenge weekend, the families explored courage, built family memories, and engaged in activities. Parents and children hiked, created stories, played games, performed in our special family showcase, and built creative presentations describing their family. The adults participated in a parent seminar.

Many of these activities were new for the families, particularly the parents, who modeled courage throughout the entire weekend by getting all the activities finished alongside their children. As the parents worked through the challenges, they were rewarded by the brilliant smiles of their children. Even those parents who were hesitant in the beginning were looking forward to future retreats by the end of the weekend!

Hyde-Bronx also offered a student leadership retreat for the high school in December. Twenty-four students and five staff members participated in the retreat held at the Hyde- Woodstock campus with support from the Woodstock faculty and students.

The weekend was filled with shared experiences, seminars, and activities designed to push students out of their comfort zones. Each talk was presented by a current Woodstock student intern, sharing personal experiences that align with the struggles of the Hyde-Bronx students. Gregory Wilson, Hyde-Bronx, commented that, “I didn’t expect to have so much in common with my leader, James. He struggles with the same things I do and he has similar views on life and politics.” “All of the interns and staff at Woodstock were amazing, truly modeling leadership and humility. So it was surprising for me to hear the interns on multiple occasions say the same about us and our students,” shared staff member Matt Hittenmark.

One of the Hyde-Woodstock interns shared “We have a lot to learn from the Hyde- Bronx students; you truly live the words and principles.” Everyone who attended the retreat was empowered and inspired to follow their unique potential, evident by the memento they each carry around their necks, a simple key on a sparkly string, reminding them that they will always have the keys to unlocking their destiny.