Hyde-Woodstock Stars of the Week 01-20-12

Ben “The Hen” Errera is a great wing mate, great friend, and great presence around the school.  He has showed some toughness in many areas in the school including his leadership on the wing and crew, as well as on the mats.


Hannah Peters, Jenna Dubinsky and Katherine Hagood deserve a huge star for giving up their Sunday to make Violets birthday party a huge success. They decorated the room, played with all the guests and did a phenomenal job making our work that day fun and easy! Thanks from Lexi, Violet, Tina and Mr. Freebody.

I would like to nominate Yang Yi (Joy) for taking time out of her afternoon to sit down with Miss Atwood and LiYuan (Justine). She spent a long time helping LiYuan (Justine) express herself so that her Discovery Group leaders could better help her. We really appreciated the leadership and concern Yang Yi showed. For this she is a star of the week!!

I’d like to nominate Emily stern for being a very dedicated member of the varsity drama team! When others are goofing off, she is there to tell everyone to be quiet and listen.



Steve WangI would like to nominate Steve Wang for his efforts in the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration. Hope that it goes well.

I would like to nominate Ethan Thoms for going above and beyond the call of duty by sitting in on Ms. Turner’s class to play the role of a senior proctor in a class which struggled.  He is giving up his free time to help out a faculty member, thus exemplifying the senior faculty partnership we strive to have at Hyde.

I think Sean-Michael McCrystal should be a star nominee because he is very mature during wresting practice and has worked very hard to get to a varsity level.