Wolfpack Girls Junior Varsity Basketball vs Wheeler

Hyde: 2

Wheeler: 46

The Girls Junior Varsity Basketball team traveled to Wheeler school in Providence to play in their second game of the season.  The score does not reflect on the amount of improvement the team made offensively and defensively since their first game.  Offensively, Marlena Reeves ’14 lead the Wolfpack as point guard taking shots whenever she felt she was open.  In the coming weeks, Marlena, along with her teammates, will be getting to know the “box” on the backboard well.  Hopefully, this practice will prepare the team for their next game and more shots will hit the basket.  Aine Zaniewski ‘13 lead the team defensively, always moving her feet to stay in front of the offensive player and had her hands up the entire time.  In the last few minutes of the game, Justine Zhang ’14 made Hyde’s only basket from about 10 feet out on the left side of the basket.  The girls were excited to get points on the board!  As the team prepares to play St. Andrew’s on January 21, they will be practicing their zone defense, offensive plays, and capitalizing on good moments to take shots during games.

Coach DeAngelis