Tough Loss to PCD for Hyde-Woodstock Boys Varsity BBall

Friday 6, January

Providence Country Day: 62

Hyde Woodstock:   45

The Boys  Varsity Basketball team suffered a disappointing loss to Providence Country Day due to a lack of defensive pressure and unsuccessful offensive plays during the second half. Fueling a successful first half, starter Jahvaney Beckford ’13 came out strong with eleven points, five defensive rebounds, and one steal. Following him, Chad Bryant ’13 played with heart scoring eleven points, two defensive rebounds, and one steal. To create a five point lead starting the second half, team captain Robert Lewis ’12 had ten points, three defensive rebounds, two steals, and one deflection. Even though it looked bad on the score board, Christian Ejiga ’13 fought through and had six points and five defensive rebounds.

The Hyde Wolfpack plays at Forman Schools on Friday 7, January at 2:00PM.