Wolfpack Indoor Track Takes Off in 5K Race to Kick Cancer

January 7, 2012

The first annual Hyde School Indoor Track Team kicked off the New Year with the Resolution Run to Kick Cancer in Lexington, MA this Saturday January 7, a 5 kilometer road race. With just a few days of training after the long winter break, the WolfPack showed true grit and determination, earning a third place team finish in the race with impressive individual performances.

The third place finish for the team came from the tremendous runs of the top five finishers, Felipe Azevedo ’14, Matt Wysocki ’13, Ben Tatro ’12,Danny Gill ’12, and coach Liz Atwood.  Together, these runners had an average time of just over 22 minutes.  The team’s top finisher, Azevedo, earned a time of 20:29, which was impressively 38th out of the 819 runners and 4th out of 56 in his age group.  Wysocki ran to a second place team finish with 21:27, 66th overall and 8th in his age group.  The table below shows how each runner finished.

With full cooperation from the weather, we had a great day and bring in the 2012 season.  The team would like to especially thank senior parent Cathy Gill, the founder and organizer of the race.  It was a great opportunity to showcase our effort and build a baseline upon which we can grow throughout the season, as well as eat a lot of free food and add a great tee shirt to our wardrobes!  Cathy also raised over $25,000 for leukemia and lymphoma research; we applaud her inspiration and commitment to others.

The team heads back inside for a meet Wednesday January 11 at Northbridge.

Runner Overall, Age Group Per Mile 5k
Liz Atwood 142/819, 7/104 7:34 23:41
Donald Anthony 484/819, 31/56 10:14 31:52
Justin Ashkin 364/819, 28/56 9:06 28:25
Felipe Azevedo 38/819, 4/56 6:34 20:29
Zhixin Fan 499/819, 20/66 10:24 32:30
Danny Gill 126/819, 13/56 7:23 23:01
Joe Guerin 183/819, 20/56 7:50 24:24
Amelia Lyle 217/819, 9/66 8:25 26:14
Katie Mehiel 505/819, 21/66 10:26 32:36
Thomas Nixon 134/819, 17/56 7:37 23:45
Ben Tatro 120/819, 12/56 7:21 22:55
Matt Wysocki 66/819, 8/56 6:54 21:27