Taking Hyde Home for the Holidays: a Message from Hyde Schools

Dear Parents, Colleagues, and Friends,
As the holidays approach, we at Hyde Schools would like to extend our warmest wishes to you, your family, and friends.

And, in the spirit of giving, we extend these “world-class parenting” gifts to you with the hope they will support you in building strong bonds with those you love, and keep us all connected to the holiday spirit.

  • Parenting expert Laura Gauld prescribes a dose of inspiration to support parents’ vision for building strong family relationships. WATCH VIDEO
  • Parents can help their families connect to the more meaningful and memorable opportunities of the holiday season by remembering a few points:
    • Don’t sweat the small stuff. As parents, the more we try to control the order of events, the less hold we actually have.
    • Take some time to build family traditions. Remember, you don’t have to do everything, and involving your children in making the holiday happen shapes lifelong memories.
    • Allow obstacles to become opportunities. If you ruin your turkey, the meal can be changed.
    • When the holiday is over, continue to gather for regular meals. Never underestimate the power of a shared meal.

Happy Holidays from Hyde Schools and the Family Education Staff!