Hyde School Takes Family Program to China and Korea

In mid-November, Hyde School leadership travelled to China and South Korea in order to bring Hyde’s unique parent and family education program to its international constituents.

Laura Gauld, executive director of Hyde boarding schools, Don MacMillan, head of school for Hyde School in Bath, Maine; Bob Felt, director of enrollment for Hyde School in Woodstock, Connecticut and Cindy Guan, international student advisor and foreign language teacher at Hyde-Woodstock, represented Hyde Schools in China and South Korea.

The team met with parents in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing in China and in Seoul, South Korea, to present films and videos of Hyde’s currently enrolled international students, speaking to the strengths, challenges, and defining moments for each student.

Hyde School alumni parents and students also attended the meetings, and offered their stories and perspectives on what they learned about themselves and their families while enrolled at Hyde School.

Additionally, the meetings spoke to parenting and how character development, paves the way to personal and professional growth.

Jinglong Wang, father of Xingkai Wang ’11, offered his perspective on the benefits of Hyde Schools’ emphasis on recognizing effort over achievement. “We all want our children to be successful,” he shares, “but achievement is not everything. Just getting a 95 will not help a child find his purpose.”

Parents remarked on their desire for their children to develop character, which leads to success, and to engage with the leadership curriculum at Hyde. Parents agreed that a character development curriculum prepared their students for college, but it was only part of what their children learned—it also helped to foster a sense of confidence and determination to live with purpose in their lives and careers.

“I am growing with Paul,” shares Shengming Zhu, mother of Pan Li ’12, “and I learn that every time I let go, my child grows.”

The Hyde School approach to education has been developed since 1966 at the Hyde boarding campuses in Bath, Maine, and Woodstock, Connecticut, and through public school initiatives in New Haven, Connecticut and Bronx and Brooklyn, New York. Known for its success in developing leadership skills in teenagers, Hyde boarding schools offer students in grades 9–12 and post-graduate studies, a strong academic curriculum including many AP and honors courses, a wide range of sports, a performing arts program, plus many enrichment programs, including the Hyde Leadership Society. Students may also participate in a student mentoring programs in Hyde’s New York charter schools, and internship and volunteer experiences that help to apply learning to real life.
Ninety eight percent of Hyde School graduates are accepted to four-year colleges. To learn more about Hyde Schools, its summer leadership programs, and parenting and teen workshops, log on to Hyde.edu.

For more information about Hyde Schools, contact Laura Michaels (860-963-4763, lmichaels@hyde.edu).