Hyde Schools Hold Parents Academy

[Bath, ME and Woodstock, CT]— Parents of Hyde School students visited the boarding school campuses on Monday, December 5 through Wednesday, December 7, leading workshops as part of the Hyde School Parents Academy, a program created for intellectual enrichment. The academy offered parents the opportunity to conduct their own classes for Hyde School students and faculty.

Hyde Schools hosted parents interested in passing on their skills and knowledge. The format invites visiting parents to jump into the school day and engage the community through interactive sessions.  Hyde’s Woodstock campus held its sixth annual Parents Academy, and Bath’s campus held its second.

Claire Grant, Executive Director of Family Education at Hyde, expressed her excitement for the program. “This is a really special part of what we do at Hyde,” says Grant. “Our parent teachers are always excited to give back to the Hyde community, and we’re pleased to be able to benefit from their expertise and passion for their subjects.”

The mission of the academy is to provide meaningful opportunities for the Hyde School community while deepening parents’ understanding of the Hyde character development program.

Workshop selections this year included: “Encaustic Painting: Painting with Beeswax,” “Uganda Rural Fund and Volunteer Opportunities,” “Cooking with Character: Create a Meal Together,” “Moneyball: Math and Baseball,” “Learn to Knit,” “Basics of Investing,” and “Shoes/Sneakers: From the Drawing Board to the Store Shelf,” among others.

Judy Hendrickson, the administrative assistant for the Family Education Department at Hyde School and coordinator for Parents Academy in Woodstock, expressed her excitement for the program. “I thought it went really well,” says Hendrickson. “The parents were wonderful this year, and they were excited to share their passions, careers, and hobbies. As a result, the academy fits right into Head of School Laura Gauld´s vision of parents giving back to the community.”

Previous Parents Academy teachers felt strongly about their own gains from the experience. “I love to see the understanding appear in people’s eyes as they get the concepts,” said Mary Angel Coelho, who taught a workshop on financial risk management in 2010. “If I can teach someone one thing that they can take out with them out into the world, then I’ve accomplished my goal.”

“We are fortunate to be able to work closely with parents at Hyde because of our Family Education program,” said faculty member Eva George. “Parents Academy gives us a new perspective on parents and families.”  Faculty member Tom Bragg said, “It’s great working with the parents in a different capacity and getting to learn about some of their hobbies and interests. “I enjoy learning from them just as much as the kids do.”