Annual Fund Supporters

Ritsubun “Raymond” Koda (Taiga C. Koda ’08 Woodstock, Haruka J. Koda ’10 Woodstock)

Ritsuban “Raymond” Koda Learning is a continuous process, rewards and results often come later and are magnified by time. Giving is a reminder to honor the effort and commitment to such a life long process. I give to Hyde, especially after my children have graduated, to positively influence my personal and family growth. Especially, as an international family where physical commitment to school is limited — my wife and I fully appreciated the devotion that Hyde school has given to my children in their growth (and continuation of it) — the Hyde process still holds as a fundamental part of our family communication and behavioral standards for us.




Susie Racine

Susie Racine A quote from my closing speech from graduation 2010 was “Always be truthful in what you say and do — the world isn’t about you and what is important to you. Giving back is more important than getting. Never be afraid to give back.” The reason I feel this is important is twofold. First, Hyde teaches students to always bet on truth and second, my mother always taught her family that telling the truth was a stepping stone to building integrity in our lives.



Kelsey Warner ’07 Woodstock


Kelsey Warner My time at Hyde marked the beginning of my transition from adolescence to adulthood, from self-involved immaturity to self-aware investment in a personal standard of excellence. The journey hasn’t always been easy. However, throughout my years both at and since Hyde, the Hyde community has been a constant upon which I know I can rely. Hyde’s dedicated faculty and core character values make it a unique environment in which to come of age, and I cherish the formative years I had the privilege to spend there. I continue to support Hyde financially and by giving of my time on-campus and as a member of the Alumni Board. I believe in Hyde’s mission, value the years I spent as a Hyde student, and want to ensure that young people continue to enjoy the benefits of belonging to the Hyde School community.


Patrick J. Moore ’03 Bath, Robert T. Moore ’04 Bath, Joseph D. Moore ’07 Bath, Carolyn C. Moore ’13 Bath

The Moore Family Giving generously to Hyde has been a priority for our family since 2001. The Moore family has been transformed by the Hyde process. We believe it is important to “share Hyde” with as many families as possible. We hope that our gifts over the years have not only maintained our beautiful campus, supported our programs and teachers, but also helped made Hyde more affordable for some families who might not otherwise be able to attend our school.



Brian Bartlett ’97 Bath

Brian Bartlett I get solicited for donations from Hyde as well as my undergraduate and graduate universities, but I only give to Hyde because I know that’s where my contribution will have the biggest impact. The Hyde faculty are unbelievably dedicated and hard-working people, so I have full faith that my contributions will be put to good use and will achieve maximum impact. I got so much out of my Hyde education and it only seems appropriate to assist the school as they carry on the tradition of providing solid character education.


Dr. Richard K. Truluck and Nancy B. Truluck Richard K. Truluck ’88 Bath W. Bruce Truluck ’91 Bath

Nancy and Richard Truluck The Hyde School experience — 6 years of it! — provided the crucible for all four members of our family to wrestle with the really important questions in our lives, at a time when our family’s putative value system had gone offtrack. We’re forever grateful, and we continue to carry those lessons about honesty, courage, etc. into our current daily lives. We continue to challenge and stretch ourselves and each other. We see our sons conduct their business and professional lives based on those same principles. And perhaps most important, we see the way that they and their spouses are rearing their children, our grandchildren, to become honest, caring, creative, responsible people. We want to do all that we can to insure that a Hyde School education is available to students and families who can make use of what it has to offer.

Richard and Dee Dee Chesley (Nathan ’12 Woodstock)

Richard A. Chesley Our years at Hyde have proven to be one of the most transformational periods in my life and that of our entire family. During the past three years we have watched our son grow into a confident, compassionate and curious young man with the tools needed to strive and the vision required to contribute to the rapidly changing world around him. Hyde has allowed us as a family to not only join in the journey but to grow in our individual ways, and more importantly as a family. While we will miss our time at Hyde, not only will it always be a critical part of our lives, but through our giving we know that we have enhanced its mission for other families in the future.



Sandra L. Brawn and John O. Brawn

Sandy and John Brawn Having started working at Hyde over 40 years ago before Fair Share I can appreciate what giving to Fair Share supports. By the time Fair Share started I was involved in working with the students teaching them to work together as a unit, being proud of a job well done and teaching them the Hyde principals that would help them when they left Hyde. I give as a way of supporting not only the education of the student but the family that comes to Hyde. I feel that our contribution along with others help the community to be united in our showing the students & parents we care about Hyde and the education it stands for.