Bath: WVS Week in review




November 4, 2011

Hyde – 0

Berwick Academy – 5

The Phoenix returned to Berwick for their final game of the regular season.  Having lost by only one goal during the pre-season jamboree, the team was hopeful for a victory.  Unfortunately, it was a game that seemed stacked against them from the start.  Berwick played hard and kept the ball in front of the Hyde goal mouth for most of the opening minutes.  After several shots, Berwick finally scored on a well-placed free kick just outside the penalty area.  Senior captain Zaji Liebermann ’12 marked a very talented player, shutting down several scoring attempts.  Berwick went on to score two more goals before the half, one of which was a controversial call on the goal line.  Despite the pressure keeper Laughlynn Bragg ’12 played a great game with several diving saves.  The Hyde team attempted to re-tool after half but continued to struggle with ball control and played very defensively.  Two more goals were scored on team errors and Berwick went on to win 5-0.  The team looks forward to its MAISAD tournament opener against top seed Kents Hill.