Bath: WVS MAISAD Semi-final

November 9, 2011

MAISAD Semi-final

Hyde – 1

Kents Hill – 2

For the second year in a row, Hyde traveled north to face Kents Hill in the first round of the MAISAD post season tournament.  Again, Kents Hill was seeded first while Hyde was seeded fourth but this time the trophy was in the hands of the home team. Red and white battled under its gaze as it stood at the sideline waiting to be carried to the finals.  Unlike the 7-0 loss from the previous year, the game was decided in the third period of overtime, on a sudden victory goal.

Hyde played an outstanding game.  The team was inspired and showed how far they had come as athletes and team members.  It was clear from the opening whistle that they were united in purpose and had come to work hard.  The first goal came seventeen minutes in when senior Dexie Cercos ’12 headed a corner kick from Carolyn Moore ’14 past the keeper.  Play to that point was being driven by the Phoenix but Kents Hill began to turn the momentum.  After several attempts, the Huskies finally scored on a well struck outside shot.  Both teams worked hard to half, but neither was able to find the net and it ended 1-1.

The second half was an exciting battle as both teams returned with re-ignited fire.  Keeper Laughlynn Bragg ’12 played a phenomenal game saving several breakaways, coming hard off her line making sliding saves.  The Hyde players adjusted to several position changes finding themselves in unusual places on the field.  Captain Zaji Liebermann ’12 marked the Huskies top player and succeeded in shutting her down while Cat Vidal Bouret ’12 dropped back to assist on defense.  Hyde’s offensive opportunities came from mid-fielders Katie Comeaux ’13, Dexie Cercos ’12 and Carolyn Moore ’14 while strikers Amy Ginsberg ’13 and Caroline Hammond ’13 tried to penetrate the box.  After forty minutes neither team was able to score and the game went in to overtime.

The first two five minute overtime periods expired scoreless.  Both sidelines began to fill with fans as the games on either side of the field came to a close.  Heading in to the first sudden victory period with a beautiful sunset to the west, the team stood in a moment they deserved and took pause to appreciate it.  The game finally came to a close when Kents Hill was awarded a free kick three minutes in to the period.  After what seemed like an eternity while Hyde’s wall was built; forwards came back to mark; Kents Hill packed the box and the official counted off yards, the ball was struck and dropped just under the crossbar.  As the sidelines stormed the field, many stood in disbelief.  For the Phoenix it was an incredibly tough way to end; above all they should be proud of a phenomenal game and a great season.