Bath: MVS vs. Hebron

Hyde School                       0

Hebron Academy             4

Hyde School traveled to Hebron Maine to play Hebron Academy in their last regular season game.  The match was played on their natural grass pitch under cloudy skies with a cold northwest wind.

Hyde started the match with the wind at their backs.  This helped the defensive effort by making it difficult for the Hebron Lumberjacks to play the ball in the air.  Goal keeper Alec Randall’12 made some great saves early in the match.  Talin Rowe’14 did a great job defending and marking his man until he was forced from the game with a contusion to his lower leg.  The score at the half was 0-0

Hyde struggled to adjust to having the wind in their face, and Hebron scored their first goal just 15 seconds into the second half, followed by a second goal two minutes later on a direct kick.  Two Hebron players received yellow cards for celebration/poor sportsmanship.  The Phoenix maintained their composure and started playing the ball more on the ground, creating numerous scoring opportunities.   Unfortunately, Hebron countered and scored two more goals.  Despite this, Jamal Frazer-Borden’13 and Wilson MacMillan’14 continued working hard in the mid-field.   Defenders Jon Lee’12, Nabil Eshraghian ’13 and Scott Georgaklis ’12 showed a lot of tenacity and commitment in the final twenty minutes of the match.  Despite being down by four goals, the entire team worked their hardest until the final whistle.