Wolfpack JV Football Takes on Pomfret Griffins

Hyde-Woodstock: 16

Pomfret School: 46

This Wednesday, November 9th, the Wolf Pack JV football team took a short drive down the road to face off against the neighboring Pomfret Griffins.  We had scrimmaged against Pomfret at the beginning of the season, and both teams had a chance to grow and learn the game over the past few months.  We opened up on defense, after kicking the ball off, and found that our new 4-4 defense worked very effectively against the run game.  After a successful pass, Pomfret put 8pts up on the board.  The Wolf Pack offense could not covert initially and they were forced to punt several times in the first half.  At the half, the score was 38-8 after a successful run by Sam “Ratfink” Finkenstaedt ’13 towards to end of the half.  Although the score was lopsided, we were extremely proud of the young men due to the issue they addressed as a team; TACKLING.  Several tackles were made that were beautifully executed.  Mike “Vincent Chase” Stamoulis ’14 had several hard tackles which shook up the offensive backs and Chris “Terminator” Travis ’13 had his first tackle of the season.  Steve “Michael Jackson” Wang ’12 chased down a man who escaped to the outside and took him out after running for 20yrds from behind, and the defense line pressured the offense effectively. Justin “Yiddish Yeti” Shulman ’14 also helped contain the outside with some nice tackles.

At the half, we were blessed with a gift from Ben “Iceman” Tatro’s grandmother (a.k.a. Grandma Iceman).  She supplied the team with apple and orange slices, which provided us with the much needed fuel to continue playing at excellence.  In many ways, Coach Radar and Coach Chachi still question what was in those oranges since the Wolf Pack opened up with a great return followed by Sam “Ratfink” Finkenstaedt ’13 running for a 57yrd TD without one shoe!  The great tackles continued with some strong hits made by Ben “Fez” Errera ’12, Mike “Vincent Chase” Stamoulis ’14, Doug “Rocksteady” Main ’15, Steve “Michael Jackson” Wang ’12, Ben “The Iceman” Tatro ’12, and Joe “Tony Soprano” Filingeri ’15. Also of note were two fumble recoveries made during the game, one by Chris “Kool-Aid” Hewitt ’13. Parker “Billy Ray Cyrus” Vaughan ’12 helped lead his team with several runs to earn first downs and even a great 15yrd completion to Peter “Preacher” Przybycien ’14. This was his first catch of the season.

With this many highlights, it was important to remind the guys that the scoreboard was not as important as the effort they played with.  In many ways, this was the best game they played all season.  The Pomfret coaches both agreed that Hyde, “played with class and showed tremendous sportsmanship,” as seen in their support of all players.  They helped Pomfret guys up and cheered for our team, not against the opponents.  This was great to hear, and it was inspiring to see them leave it all on the field. At the end of the game, Coach Chachi remarked that, “this was the best season of JV football I have ever coached and it was due to the great attitudes and tremendous effort put in by the group of hard working young men.  They provided lots of laughs, and an opportunity to coach a team that really wanted to learn the game.”  So although we ended the season with a record devoid of wins, in many ways it was a winning season.  We learned to work hard, have fun, and to be a team player.  We will see you all next season on the grid iron.


Coach Wes “Chachi” Jenkins & Coach Ian Matthew “Radar” Harrington