Wolfpack JV Football vs. Portsmouth Abbey

Hyde-Woodstock: 6
Portsmouth Abbey: 31

This Wednesday the 2nd of November, the Hyde JV Football team had its first game on the home turf this season.  This allowed for travel fatigue and other issues of going to an away game to not be an issue we had to worry about, and so the young men looked and sounded more prepared than ever.  We faced off for the second time against Portsmouth Abbey, a team we were beating 12-0 at the half the last time we played them.  Unfortunately, they had improved greatly from the last time we had seen them, and this led to a very lopsided game.  Two touchdowns scored by PAS were from kickoffs and punts that we failed to make the tackles for, and they also pulled off a field goal attempt; very impressive for a JV team.

Although the game did not fall in our favor, there were some impressive highlights from the Wolf Pack.  Chris “Kool-Aid” Hewitt ’14 had three tackles and made a powerful block in which he lived up to his nickname by busting down the walls and saying “Oh Yeah!”  He put a safety flat on his back with a nice pop down field.  Andrew “Flava Flav” Wang ’15 impressed his team by making two big tackles, one being deep in the opponent’s backfield.  Sam “Ratfink” Finkenstaedt ’13 played at his best on both sides of the ball with two big tackles, several runs for over 50yrds, and an overall commitment to moving the chains.   Parker “Billy Ray Cyrus” Vaughan ’12 kept the team morale up, especially with his beautiful diving touchdown and well thrown passes that showed off his QB abilities.  Rodney “Soft Serve” Felder ’14 also had two great tackles on the day.

All in all, the day was not a loss.  We do know that we have some serious work to do on our tackling ability, seeing as so many tackles were broken by PAS.  We also know that we need to work on converting plays.  We will put in the work this week as we prepare for our final game on Wednesday against Pomfret, our neighborhood rival.  Wish us luck!


Coach Radar & Coach Chachi