Stars of the Week, November 4th, 2011

Ms. Uber, Mrs. Dawes and Mrs. McGovern, would like to nominate Alex Huston as star of the week. He wanted to show his appreciation to us for our helping him in his early action application process (where he was another star) by giving us a “thank you” gift.  This was not necessary, yet he thought about what would be useful for us and remembered that our shredder had broken and we no longer had one, so he bought one and donated it to our office. This was the most thoughtful gesture we have received.

I have seen Jerry Su grow into a more mature role this year.  He has not hesitated once this year when asked to help and has been open to learning about how he can be a more positive leader among his peer group.  For example, he helped Joy give a tour at the last minute this week and is helping Mrs. Warnick in the International Center at a critical time of the year.  Because he has been more open his sense of humor and true character shows without question.  Also of note is the state of his room.  He has even been rumored to have fresh fruit or flowers in his room from time to time.  This is a great example of taking pride in his personal space.

Wenying Wang deserves a long overdue star for his learning attitude in chemistry. He is among my most inquisitive students. A correct answer is not enough for Wen; he asks probing and insightful questions until he has fully understood the mechanics of a concept at hand. He often pushes the extent of my own knowledge and encourages me to look at a topic in a new way.

Andreu Cullere is also a star in chemistry. We’ve been tackling a challenging unit in quantum mechanics, and Andreu has never backed down from this seriously counterintuitive material. He took time outside of class to get ahead on the unit, which has enabled him to process lessons at a deeper level. His can-do attitude is a great model for the class.

I would like to nominate all the kids who helped out with the Haunted House this past Halloween.  This group of 10 or so individuals stepped up to provide the campus with some entertainment and scares on Sunday night.  They were committed to bettering the culture on campus and their acting was phenomenal.  Plenty of people came through the theater and many left with smiles or still screaming.  Thank you all for your dedication to making the Hyde community more fun and exciting, and for that you all deserve a star!  This included Julian Goldenberg ’13, Alex Trager ’12, Thomas Nixon ’14, Jane McCaffery ’13, Marcos Mercado ’13, Zach McAnally ’12, Kelly Umutoni ’12, Molly Giordano ’13, Cullum Thompson ’12, Luke Prendergast ’15, Nick Davis ’13, Johanna Mathers ’13, Dylan Marx ’14, Ethan Thoms ’12, Aaron Miller ’12, Adam Nittler ’14, Tom Rushin ’12, Chris Travis ’13 and Justin Shulman ’14.

I want to nominate Ms. Nix.  As athletic trainer, she does so much for so many people, and never gets credit.   This is one of the toughest jobs on campus at times, and she always puts her best effort into making sure everyone is healthy and ready for sports. She is an amazing person as well, and be nominated for star of the year.

The first floor of Westhaver would like to nominate Ms. Fuller. Being the only women faculty member in Westhaver is not only a daunting task, but also one that takes a lot of courage and integrity for a first year teacher. Ms. Fuller is an avid contributor to our wing, she is constantly roaming around looking to help and keep things in order.  In addition, on long nights she goes out of her own way to bake us mouth-watering cookies.  Thanks Ms. Fuller, your positive attitude is truly contagious. We are blessed to have such an awesome “wing mom.”