Wolfpack JVF Battles Phoenix

Hyde-Woodstock: 16

Hyde-Bath: 30

On October 21st, 2011, the Hyde JV Football team traveled up to its sister school in Bath, ME for an epic showdown of the JV Football teams.  After a long 3+ hour drive, we arrived at the home of the Phoenix ready to perform on their family weekend.  These teams have not seen one another in over 3 years since Bath has not had a JVF team for several years, so we were excited to see what the outcome of this game would be.

The game began as a comedy of errors, in which several plays were botched and many yellow flags were thrown.  At one point, the Wolf Pack defense stopped the Phoenix offense and tapped the punt up returning it back to Bath.  One of Bath’s players then ran the ball the wrong way for several yards before being stopped by one of his own teammates.  Although the Phoenix had a rough start against us, we found that they rallied far better than our team with 4 touchdowns at the half.  Coach Radar and Coach Chachi chose to stay out of the halftime speech, leaving it to Parker “Billy Ray Cyrus” Vaughn ’12 to rally the team, and he did an excellent job of reminding them that JV football is meant to be fun and to get out there with their heads high and play at 100%.

The second half of the game saw a different Wolf Pack team.  The Phoenix were successfully stopped after several attempts and did not score at all in this half, while the Wolf Pack was able to find the end zone twice thanks to the efforts of Sam “Ratfink” Finkenstaedt ’13 and Ben “Iceman” Tatro ’12.  The offensive line was to thank for creating the opportunities that the team had to score, while the defense worked hard to stop Bath time and time again.

Although this was a loss, the bus ride home was celebratory for them since they showed what they were made of in the second half.  They also learned that if they operate at 100% as a team from start to finish, we are bound to win in our last two games.  Make sure to come out and support us this Wednesday when we square off against Portsmouth Abbey at home.  We were up 12-0 at the half when we played PAS weeks prior, and I think we have what it takes to ring the victory bell this time around.