Hyde Public Schools Teach Families Character

At Hyde Schools we are often heard saying, “Parents are the primary teacher and the home is the primary classroom.” The October Parent Discovery Nights at Hyde-Bronx and Hyde-Brooklyn engaged parents in sessions to help them be more confident in their role as their child’s teacher at home.

Hyde Leadership Charter School in Bronx, NYC – In the elementary and middle school divisions the teachers gave short, interactive sessions for parents to learn how to engage their children in learning math and literacy concepts.  They rounded out the well-attended evening event giving parents the opportunity to consider their own learning attitudes and to connect with courage and humility. Parents reflected, ““The seminar helped to realize that I need to work harder at supporting my daughter,” and “Even with a busy schedule I can engage my children in math and reading.”

Hyde Leadership Charter School in Brooklyn, NYC – Jennifer Burns, Director of Training for the Hyde Foundation, spoke to the Brooklyn parents about “Purposeful Parenting.” After a community meeting in which the group shared the qualities they wanted their children to exhibit as adults, and thinking about the necessity of modeling those qualities themselves, they split into small groups by grade level. In the smaller groups the parents shared with one another ideas about family routines that worked and times they needed help. The groups ended with each parent sharing one goal they had for improving their family routines and teaching their children the qualities they spoke about in the community meeting.