Bath: MVS v. Kents Hill

Hyde School       1

Kents Hill             3

Kents Hill School traveled to Bath to play the Phoenix on the Turf field Wednesday October 26th.  The game was played under mostly sunny skies with a light breeze and temperatures in the 50s.   Kents Hill scored first on a nicely placed shot in the 23rd minute.  Hyde Goal Keeper Alec Randall ’12 saved a Penalty Kick in the 30th minute, the result of a hard defensive tackle in the box.  The score at the half was 1-0 Kents Hill.

At the start of the second half, Hyde started maintaining possession of the ball more and created multiple scoring opportunities.  However, Kents Hill scored on a nicely crossed ball in the 64th minute.  Kents Hill capitalized again two minutes later, scoring on a Penalty Kick.  Hyde countered in the 72nd minute when Jamal Frazer-Borden ‘13 converted on a Penalty Kick to make it 3-1.  Hyde tried to close the gap late in the match, but failed to find the back of the net.  Outstanding individual play came from keeper Alec Randall ’12 who made some exceptional saves, and Captains Jon Lee ’12 and Scott Georgaklis ’12 who commanded respect for their tireless work ethic and defensive grit.