Bath: Hyde Phoenix XC Week in Review


The Phoenix met MAISAD victory once again, this time at the beautiful, if muddy, Kents Hill XC course on Saturday.  Leading the way were Zach Betancourt ’12 (2nd overall) and Cody Mitchell ‘13 (3rd), followed by the extremely tight pack of Isaac Preston ’13, Griffin Harriman ’14, Jamie McCracken ’12 (personal record), Benny Webber ’12, and Emmett Leahy ’14 (6th-9th, 11th).  On the JV front, Andy Burgess ’14 had a strong finish with a time of 29:35 thanks to seven weeks of very hard work in practice and a can-do Phoenix spirit.  The Phoenix celebrated our win by ringing the victory bell and stopping for some well-earned treats at Coldstone Creamery, where we proudly performed the school song for the appreciative ice cream-scooping staff.  For complete results check out or click here. For a panorama of our impressive start, see the attached photo.

Several XC stars and model student-athletes have been shining outside of practice as well; this morning Mr. Grant recognized Andy Burgess, Griffin Harriman, Jamie McCracken, and Richard Liu as four of Hyde’s top students.

With just three weeks to go until the MAISAD championship in Augusta, we will begin introducing double session practices this week, showing our commitment to excellence with voluntary morning workouts (happy to do it!!).  We will also redouble our speedwork practices and continue hitting the championship course at UMA weekly to familiarize ourselves with the terrain in time for game day.  This coming weekend we are looking forward to our second home meet and the chance to demonstrate a strong performance for all of our proud Phoenix parents.  See you out there!

Go Phoenix!!