Wolfpack JVF Battles St. George’s Dragons

Hyde-Woodstock: 0

St. George’s School: 36

On Wednesday the 12th of October, the Hyde Wolf Pack JV Football team traveled to Newport, RI to face off against the very tough St. George’s Dragons.  We received the ball first and began with a great run made by Rodney “Soft Serve” Felder ’14.  Unfortunately, our momentum was stopped by the Dragon’s defensive efforts.  Sam “Ratfink” Finkenstaedt ’14 made a great tackle on our punt to the Dragons when he stuffed the punt receiver where he caught the ball.  St. George’s effectively moved the chains against us we some great outside runs, and this led to their halftime lead.  Defensively, the Wolf Pack did have some solid efforts against the Dragons.  Rob O’Conner ‘13 (Soon to be nick named) caught the running back in the backfield on a great tackle.  Julian “Hebrew Hammer” Goldenberg ’13earned a 6yrd sack as well as giving the running back a dirt lunch in the backfield.  Chris “Kool-Aid” Hewitt ’14 broke through the O-line and stuffed the opponent’s running back, and Ben “Fez” Errera ’12 with the help of Rodney “Soft Serve” Felder ’14 forced a late game punt by the Dragons.  A couple impressive offensive plays of the day included John “Stretch Armstrong” Nelson’s ’14 3yrd reception and Sam “Ratfink” Finkenstaedt’s ’14 10yrd reception thrown by Parker “Billy Rae Cyrus” Vaughan ’12.  Ratfink made the catch and was group tackled, but refused to go down; pushing four tacklers back an additional 6yrds for the first down.

It was unfortunate that the game was so lopsided in terms of score, especially since the time of possession was mostly on the Wolf Pack’s side.  We ran more plays and worked far harder than the Dragons.  It was due to several big plays that the score was run up by such a large number.  We will need to focus on containing the outside runs in the coming game this Friday at Bath.  As we approach this showdown, we will place the President’s Cup in our sights and prepare to take down the mighty Phoenix.  Thanks for all your support.  Wish us luck.


Coach Wes “Cha-Chi” Jenkins & Coach Ian Matthew “Radar” Harrington