Hyde Leadership Society Presentation: How Leadership Characteristics Are Valued In Business

Richard Preece

On Monday, October 17, The Hyde Leadership Society (HLS) hosted a presentation by Richard Preece, Senior Vice president of Franklin Templeton Investments, on “How Leadership Characteristics Are Valued in Business.”  Preece spoke to each of Hyde’s Five Words and Five Principles, and how each has played an important role in his business career.  He concluded the presentation with his list of essential leadership attributes: Integrity, Intuition, Initiative, Inspiration, and Attitude.  The presentation was also webcast to the greater Hyde community.  Fifty-eight people joined in to watch the presentation from around the country.  One webcast watcher commented, “That was great.  I enjoyed it and took several notes on ways to think about the words in a different way.”  Another texted, “This Richard Preece ten principles webcast is a really good and practical reflection of the Hyde Principles and the Hyde culture.”

The Hyde Leadership Society is an important part of academic life on Hyde’s boarding campuses in Bath, Maine and Woodstock, Connecticut. HLS is comprised of students who seek to challenge themselves in a rigorous program of leadership development, and it serves to inspire learning, leadership, vision, and purpose for Hyde’s students that consistently exceed their school’s high expectations for academic excellence and character.

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