Bath: MVS vs. Richmond High

Hyde School           6

Richmond High     1

Hyde School played Richmond High School Tuesday October 11th at Hyde School in Bath.  Hyde’s Jamal Frazer-Borden’13 started the scoring in the 16th minute, beating the keeper in the box.  Wilson MacMillan’14 had the assist.   The scoring continued for Hyde in the 23rd minute when Kiefer Cundy ’15 scored off a Yani Stancioff ’14 assist.  Four minutes later, Yani Stancioff ’14 was fouled in the box and a penalty kick was awarded.  Stancioff converted the PK to make it 3-0 at the half.  Ignacio Sanchez ’13 scored unassisted in the 52nd minute.  Richmond countered in the 70th minute on a break-away goal to bring the score to 4-1 with 10 minutes remaining.  Keeper Alec Randall ’12 was fouled after coming off his line to clear a ball out of the box.  A yellow card was issued to the offending Richmond player, and Alec came out the game for evaluation by the athletic medicine staff.  Back-up keeper Talin Rowe ’14 stood in for Randall for the remainder of the game.  With just 4:14 seconds remaining in regulation play, Zach Leighninger’13 scored off a Nicki Lee ‘13 assist.  Leighninger’13 was not done however, and scored a second goal with less than 1 minute remaining in the match.  Yani Stancioff ‘14 had the assist.