Another Win for Wolfpack Boys JV Soccer

October 3rd , 2011, at Marianapolis Preparatory School

Hyde School – 4
Marianapolis – 0

The Boys Junior Varsity Soccer Team traveled to Marianapolis yesterday. The Wolfpack took home another victory, making their win three-in-a-row. Even though Hyde had defeated Marianapolis once before, the opponent came prepared, making the Wolfpack earn their triumph.

There were many highlights and standouts in the game. Goalie Nick Davis’13 in particular did an outstanding job from the beginning to the finish. Nick was focused and alert the entire game; he made important saves. If it was not for Nick, the score would probably have been altered. Our scorers wereJoe Guerin ’14, Joey Fan’13 and Kevin Choi’15. Joe had two goals. Joey and Kevin each had one. Both Joe and Joey showed strength and consistency in their performance. Kevin Choi, the Wolfpack’s latest member, displayed promising potential on the field as he made several attempts at the goal. Tom Rushin’12 and Walker Corley’12 also performed excellently. Both Tom and Walker are key players as well as leaders. Versatile player and team captain Paul Pan’ 12 not only demonstrated rigor but was also the Wolfpack’s throw-in guru. Another highlight was Jason Zhao ’14. Jason cleared the field many times during critical moments. Rising stars include Brian Eisinger ’13, Kevin Ding ’13, and Yiren Jiang ’13.

Overall, the Boys Junior Varsity Soccer Team deserved the win today. Looking ahead, the Wolfpack will need to be more aggressive, increase physical training, practice throw-ins, avoid off-sides, and continue to build synergy. Let’s make it four-in-a-row!

Coach Cindy Guan