Bath: WVS Week in Review




September 28, 2011


Hyde – 0

Kents Hill – 1


The Phoenix travelled to Kents Hill for their second MAISAD league game of the season.  After a narrow defeat by Hebron, the team was ready to play and came out hungry.  The first half was evenly played. Both teams played solid defense but the mid-field was largely controlled by Hyde’s duo of Dexie Cercos ’12 and Carolyn Moore ’14.  Unfortunately, Kents Hill was able to successfully disrupt Hyde’s scoring attempts, but almost let one slip by when Dexie Cercos ’12 headed a beautifully struck corner kick by Carolyn Moore ‘14.  The ball was loose on the goal line before being cleared by a Kents Hill back.  The game remained scoreless for most of the second half, though the home team was definitely gaining the momentum.  The Hyde defense led by Zaji Lieberman ’12 and Mady Preece ’13 held strong.  With six minutes left in the game, a Kents Hill midfielder found herself loose and chipped a ball from 20 yards to score the only goal of the game.  Time ran out for the Phoenix despite a resulting rally.


October 1, 2011


Hyde – 0

Gould Academy – 3


On a rain soaked field and after a long bus ride, the Hyde team faced Gould academy for the first time this fall.  The bitter taste of a late game loss to Kents Hill was still palpable and the team wanted a win.  The game was hard fought from the opening whistle but the Gould team capitalized on three opportunities, making the score 3-0.  The Hyde team struggled to find momentum and played a very defensive opening half.  The second half was a different game and Hyde came out strong.  Senior Cat Vidal ’12 debuted in her new role as striker and had several attempts from well placed through balls.  Mady Preece ’13 played an outstanding game as sweeper, turning back the Gould strikers several times.  The team played hard and continues to improve with each game.  Despite a less than favorable score, they show incredible grit and heart and are exciting to watch develop.