Hyde Leadership Charter School’s New High School Building Opens

Hyde Leadership Charter School of Bronx, NY is excited to announce the opening of the first college prep high school in Hunts Point, South Bronx. Hyde-Bronx is the first high school in this neighborhood for more than 30 years. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held on Tuesday, October 4 at 10:00 a.m., when representatives from all of Hyde’s stakeholders will celebrate the new space.

The poorest Congressional district in the nation, Hunts Point welcomed Hyde in 2006. This year Hyde-Bronx will serve almost 900 students in two buildings. The elementary and middle schools remain in the shared public school building on Bryant Avenue, and the high school will be the sole occupant in its new location on Hunts Point Avenue.

Civic Builders, a nonprofit facilities developer, is the owner and developer of the custom-designed Hyde-Bronx building.  Goldman Sachs’ Urban Investment Group (UOG) and the Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF) worked with Civic Builders to finance the school facility through an innovative New Markets Tax Credit structure.

During the design process, school architects worked closely with school administrators, teachers, and students to create a space that aligns with Hyde’s mission and helps foster 21st century learning.  Instead of the isolating “egg-crate” model that has been the mold of schools for over 100 years, the new 31,500-square foot building is designed to build community and to foster collaboration, creativity, and student-centered learning.  Flexible seating arrangements and unique spaces like a rooftop play area and vibrant commons areas on every floor create spaces for students to work together in different ways.  A teacher workroom – rather than teacher desks in classrooms – fosters collaboration among teachers; a window into the teacher workroom increases transparency among students and teachers and lockers outside of the workroom increase student-teacher interactions.

Hyde-Bronx students played an integral role in the design of the school, and their choices can be felt in everything from bathroom tile colors to furniture choices to the food they are being served. Visitors are welcome to share the joy of learning in this very special Hyde building.