A Hyde Moment at the St. Andrews School

In August, Regents School of Austin, TX hosted a Biggest Job workshop for thirty parents at the home of Hyde parent Stuart Shaw. Stuart brought the organizations together after nothing the similarities between their philosophies. Director of The Biggest Job Pam Hardy said, “The Regents parents were receptive, and curious about how their principles could be brought into daily conversations between families and their school. Their participation added lightness and humor to the presentation.”

Following an initial workshop in February at the St. Andrews School in Boca Raton, The Biggest Job was invited back to do three more workshops in early September: a morning  workshop for lower school parents, and two evening workshops for middle school and upper school parents respectively.

Although the basic teaching of the Hyde School philosophy and priorities is the same for all levels, the stories that illustrate and teach are different, depending on the age level of the children whose parents are attending. Pam Hardy related, “In the morning workshop for lower level parents, one mother brought her toddler daughter.  This mom was sharing the St. Andrews school motto, and how she uses it to help remind her children of their behaviors at all times.  From her feet, a small toddler voice repeated the mother’s words: ‘Honor above all.’  It was a Hyde moment at the St Andrews School!”