Bath: WVS Week in Review




September 10, 2011

Berwick Jamboree

Hyde-0, Berwick-1

Hyde-0, LCA-5

Hyde-0, Tilton-2

On Saturday, September 10th the Phoenix traveled to Berwick to participate in the annual pre-season Berwick Jamboree.  This year the participants included Tilton, Lexington Christian Academy and host’s Berwick Academy.  The Hyde team took the field with excitement and enthusiasm having worked hard during pre-season.  The first match was the most evenly played game of the day against Berwick Academy.  With a minute left in the first half, Berwick found the net and scored the game’s only goal.    The Phoenix came out slow to the second match and LCA found the net twice within the first five minutes.  Despite a 4-0 first half, Hyde held LCA to only one goal during the second half of play.  The final match of the day was against Tilton, and similar to Berwick was evenly played.  Tilton finally found the net late in the second half and was then able to score a second on a confused whistle with less than a minute to play.

The Hyde team played strong and despite missing several key players were able to put up a good fight.  Katie Comeaux ’13 filled in as goal keeper and had an outstanding day with over 30 saves.  During the Berwick match she had 14 saves including several diving efforts.  Sweeper Mady Preece ‘13 was another defensive standout during all three matches.

September 17, 2011

Hyde – 1

New Hampton – 8

As the Hyde team boarded the bus for the long ride to New Hampshire, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a soccer match.  The picturesque New England scenery rolled by and as they approached New Hampton the foliage seemed to be approaching its fall turn.

New Hampton was deep into their warm up as the Hyde team crossed the turf and from the initial looks, it appeared as though it was going to be a tough match.  New Hampton had an extremely fast, skilled team.  With that said the Phoenix took the field excited and ready to work hard.  With determination and teamwork they were able to hold off their opponent for almost ten minutes of play before a goal was scored.  Zaji Leiberman ’12 and Mady Preece ’13 led the defense in turning back several scoring attempts.  Two more goals were scored mid-way through the second half, giving the New Hampton team a 3-0 lead.  With ten minutes left to play, Hyde was awarded a hand ball just outside the box and despite a solid wall, Dexie Cercos ’12 was able to nest a perfectly struck ball over the keeper’s head.  With a 3-1 score the momentum began to shift and Hyde was able to control the ball more to half.  Unfortunately, after the break, the New Hampton team returned fresh and more aggressive.  They went on to score five more goals, and turned away all Hyde attempts.  Despite the score, Hyde played hard and never gave up.  Solid efforts were turned in by mid-fielder Carolyn Moore ’14 and back Mou mou Zhang ’12.  The team looks forward to hosting their next match against Hebron this Saturday.

Quick stats:

Hyde – shots: 2, corner kicks: 1, saves: 21, fouls: 9, offsides: 0

New Hampton – shots: 30, corner kicks: 8, saves: 1, fouls: 12, offsides: 1