College Success Guaranteed: Education Expert Malcolm Gauld to Speak at Southern New Hampshire University

Bath, Maine—Author and Hyde Schools President Malcolm Gauld will address new students and their parents at Southern New Hampshire University on Sunday, September 4 at 3:00 p.m. Gauld is a leading educator and the author of the new book, “College Success Guaranteed: Five Rules to Make It Happen” (Rowman & Littlefield), a guide for college-bound students interested in setting themselves up for academic success.

Gauld will direct his message to parents, offering some straightforward advice on how to “let go” by encouraging their children to take ownership for their learning and become self-reliant as they navigate their way through college and the first steps into adulthood.

Spoken with honesty, insight, and a touch of humor, Gauld’s message to parents originated from the content of his most recent book in which he offers college students five basic rules that—at a minimum and if followed—guarantee a solid grade point average.

The message to students evolved naturally to include some advice to parents, as Gauld observed how so many parents were unwilling and unable to liberate their children from the nest.

“While the transition to college is a challenge for students, it’s also typically a test for parents,” says Gauld. “In my experience, parents get overly involved in the lives of their adult children and take on too many of the challenges their kids face. It really is a time to step aside and model what parents want their children to exhibit. Show your kid rather than tell them.”

Gauld and his wife Laura are also the co-authors of the parenting book, “The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have” (Scribner), and founded the parenting workshops that sprung from it. Their candid advice for parents, educators, and students is sought throughout the country.

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