Hyde School Program Offers Academic Support for College-Bound Students

Bath, Maine—Hyde School in Bath, Maine will launch a new academic support program this September.  The program is for students seeking additional support in meeting Hyde’s rigorous academic standards as they prepare for success in college.

The program offers four levels of academic support to students, which may be combined with other levels of support: private tutoring; concentrated academic support for students needing intensive support several times a week in reading, study skills, and writing; concentrated academic support plus to improve listening accuracy, phonological awareness, and language structures, strengthen processing efficiency, and develop memory, attention, procession rate, and sequencing; and guided study halls in professionally-facilitated settings where students are supported in their efforts to begin and complete assignments, learn good study habits, and develop effective working strategies.

While the program teaches academic skills, it also guides students to understand how their motivation, attitude, and positive self-image contribute to their achievement and success.

“Hyde is a place where selected students with different learning styles and educational needs can learn to thrive in the classroom,” says Head of School Don MacMillan. “The program’s director, Howard Bonis, has a wealth of knowledge about how to most effectively support and guide students to their personal best.  We’ve already seen some amazing results and couldn’t be more excited about the program.”

For more information about Hyde School’s Academic Support Program or other programs and events, contact Ken Grant at kgrant@hyde.edu, call 207-443-7115.