Hyde Prepares Students for College Success

For our Hyde School seniors heading off to college in the fall, the timing of Hyde President Malcolm Gauld’s new book “COLLEGE SUCCESS GUARANTEED: Five Rules to Make it Happen” couldn’t be better.  The book provides a guide to new college freshmen as they navigate the exciting, intimidating, and often overwhelming world of higher education.  The book is based on a speech Malcolm delivers to Hyde seniors every spring, and his conversations with Hyde graduates as they’re attending or graduating from college. This book is available in paperback or Kindle format on Amazon.com.

What sets Hyde students apart from other college students, Malcolm believes, is that they’re ready to succeed at independence, time management, studying, getting involved, identifying mentors, and more because of their Hyde experience.  “I have taught and coached teenagers for more than three decades and have watched thousands of them go off to college.  Some just take off like rockets from the get-go.  Others either fail to launch or crash and burn before midterms, says Malcolm.  “Independent time management is the key.”

Bev Coleman is Hyde’s Director of College Counseling in Bath, and she agrees that Hyde graduates are poised to succeed in college.  “I think that Hyde students arrive at college with a sense of how to manage their independence,” Bev says.  “One of Malcolm’s main points in the book is simply, ‘go to class.’  We’ve expected that of our students, and they know that it pays off to attend and pay attention.”

The college search process at Hyde is also different.  “Hyde is probably more personal in its approach,” says Bev.  She emphasizes that the Hyde approach to college applications is designed to make sure that every aspect of the student’s best self comes through.  Bev says that parents of juniors always ask, “What do admission counselors think of Hyde students?”  She thinks college admission offices can expect that each Hyde student will come with a story.  “We’re not a vanilla-chocolate-strawberry school,” she explains.  “We have a Baskin-Robbins class.  Our applicants are distinguished from the rest of the applicant pool in terms of who they are and what they have accomplished.  It’s an advantage that they’re not a run-of-the-mill applicant.”

Bev says that Hyde students impress her with their willingness to conduct a thoughtful college search and find the right school for their talents and interests.  It’s a process made easier, she believes, by the confidence students have in presenting themselves openly and honestly to others.  “I recently received a call from New England College [Henniker, NH] about a senior, and the counselor said, ‘I enjoyed meeting with him and felt a personal connection.  It’s a rare student that can talk maturely about their past and connect to where they want to go.’  It’s not unusual for me to hear that about our students.”

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