Bath: Varsity Tennis vs. Gould Academy, Cinch MAISAD Title

Hyde School                       5

Gould Academy                0

               Gould Academy traveled to Bath to compete against Hyde School yesterday.  The match was played outside at the Bath Municipal courts under cloudy skies and light variable winds.

First Singles (win)

                Jon Lee                                 7              6             

                Jesse Tutor                         5              1

Second Singles(win)

                Peter Higgins                    6(6)        6              6

                Benji Page                           7              4              1

Third Singles(win)

               Sage Harris                          6              6   

               Ron Ruiz                                4              0     

1st Doubles(win)

                Jacob Leighton, Jun ho Ra            7(7)       6

                Yuta Kito, Michael Young              6              3

2nd Doubles(win)

                Brian Liu, Zach Leighninger         6              6     

                Abraham Kung, Dennis Shin        3              0       


                Jon Lee started slowly in his final regular season match against his left-handed opponent.  The score was 5-5 near the end of the first set.  Jon won the last two games of the set to take it 7-5.  With this momentum, he crushed his opponent in the second set 6-1.  Peter Higgins struggled with finding his stride and lost the first set a tie break 6-8. However, midway through the second set he started playing up to his potential and won the second and third sets.  Sage Harris adjusted to her opponent’s accurate lob shots early in the first set, winning it 6-4.  She blanked the Gould player in the second set for the win.  Jacob Leighton and Jun ho Ra played their most consistent tennis of the season.  They were nip and tuck with the Gould players throughout the first set.  They faltered at set-point but ended up winning the set in a close tie breaker 9-7.  They dominated play in the second set and secured the win.  Brian Liu and Zach Leighninger had a great match.  They worked well as a team, coming to net often to win key points.  After winning the first set 6-3, they “bageled” the Gould second doubles players in the second set.   The outcome of this match cinched the MAISAD Title for Hyde Varsity Tennis.  With a record of 7 wins and 1 loss, the Phoenix edged out the Hebron Lumberjacks who ended the season 6-2.  MAISAD tournament play commences on Wednesday the 18th at Hebron Academy with the singles tourney and Saturday the 21st again at Hebron with the Doubles tourney.