Wolfpack Boys JV LAX Shuts Out Bath on Home Turf

Hyde Woodstock 5

Hyde Bath 0

This past weekend the boy’s junior varsity lacrosse team met its brotherly rivals from the Bath campus on Grant field. The match up was the boy’s fifth game of the season and the boys have been working tirelessly throughout the week preparing for the game. Entering the game the boys came off two heartbreaking one goal loses to Pomfret and Stafford and were determined to prove all they have learned since those emotional battles.

The team of thirty five is led by its five captains; Jonah Birnbaum 12’Trevor-Braxton Barto 12’, Peter Markham 13’Graham Davidson 13’ and Ben Errera 12’. Each one of these young men plays a crucial role on and off the field and this past Saturday their leadership was going to be put to the test as the battle for the Presidents Cup points was lying in the balance. Jonah, Ben and Graham all did a tremendous job that day helping to control the ball on offense, in fact they spent the majority of the first half playing offense thanks to the poise of the attack and midfield. They entered the second half of the game up 3-0 and managed to play a clean and hard hitting half with zero penalties.

On the defensive end we played a near flawless game all around, Trevor Braxton-Barto 12’ remains the pillar of our defensive long-sticks and did a great job with the  other defensive starters Danny Anglin 12’ and Josh McCowan 12’ to help Peter Markham 13’ pick up his first shut-out of the season. Peter was one of the three “leaders of the pack” (a term that the coaches have coined to give to two hard working players at the end of each game) because of his outstanding performance in between the pipes for the young JV pack. Peter did not let in a single goal and had some amazing saves. To go along with his saves Peter’s ability to setup a few key fast breaks with his marksmen-like passing setup some great plays on the offensive end. The second “leader of the pack” honors was given to newcomer Tommy Rockoff 12’, Tommy came into his own this game as a defensive midfielder. His tenacity and willingness to do anything his teammates and coaches need him to do is intoxicating to those around him. Tommy was on the field for every signle face-off and feverishly sprinted off the field once we went down on offense.  Joining Tommy for face-offs was Zach Cerame 12’ and Paul Pan 12’ and our main FOGO (face off get off) was specialist Stanley Yao 12’. Stanley was given the extremely rare third “leader of the pack” honor sticker by captain Trevor Braxton-Barto, in the words of Trevor “Coach, Stanley deserves  this honor because he was a beast today, he didn’t lose a single face-off!” First point stickers were also given to two gentlemen this weekend; Kenrick Vincent 12’ had an impressive assist to Joey Fan 12’. That combination of assist and goal awarded both boys with their first points stickers.

The boys now hold an impressive 2-3 record after the 5-0 shutout victory at home versus the Bath campus. This week they have two back to back matchups on Friday and Saturday with Worcester Academy and Avon Old Farms, both games will be played on the road. The pack will put their skills and stamina to the test as they face the above mentioned lacrosse power-houses.

Coach Freebody