Bath: Hyde Tennis vs. Gould Academy

Hyde School                       3

Gould Academy                2

                The Phoenix traveled to Bethel Maine for a match against Gould Academy on Saturday.  The weather was warm with mostly sunny skies and light northwest gusts.

First Singles (win)

                Jon Lee                                 6              6      

                Jesse Tudor                        4              2

Second Singles(win)

                Peter Higgins                    6              6

                Benji Page                           3              1

Third Singles(win)

                Sage Harris                         6              6             

                Yuta Kito                              2              1

1st Doubles(loss)

                Jun ho Ra, Donovan Ruiz               1              2     

                 Felix Lang, Ron Ruiz                       6              6

2nd Doubles(loss)

                Ethan Blatt, Jacob Leighton          2             4   

                Jason Huang, Michael Young     6              6


                Jon Lee played well against the left hander from Gould.    He was down a game for most of the first set, but came from behind winning 3 straight games to take the set.  He controlled the pace of the match in the second set, only giving up 2 games.  Peter Higgins played conservatively during the first set, allowing his opponent to make unforced errors for a majority of the points he won.  He was more aggressive in the second set and quickly beat his opponent 6 games to 1.  Sage Harris set the pace of the play in her match from the start.  She frustrated her opponent with her deftly placed shots and won the match easily.  Jun ho Ra and Donovan Ruiz struggled to find their stride during their match.  Their Gould counterparts played well at net, thwarting their offensive maneuvers.  Ethan Blatt and Jacob Leighton played the longest match of the day, with many of their games going to deuce. They won the first game of the second set on Ethan’s serve, a move that shifted momentum in their favor.  However, they missed an opportunity to tie it 5 games all during the last game.  Jacob’s service game went to multiple deuce points, but Gould ended it with a nicely placed winning shot.