Bath: Hyde Tennis vs. Bridgton Academy

Hyde School                       4

Bridgton Academy           1

                The Phoenix traveled to Bridgton Maine for a match against the Wolverines yesterday.  The weather was warm with mostly sunny skies and light variable winds.

First Singles (win)

                Jon Lee                                 6              6      

                Nishon Rasmakichun      3              0 

Second Singles(win)

                Peter Higgins                    6              6

                Matt Buckley                     2              4

Third Singles(win)

                Sage Harris                         6              6             

                John Delpadre                   3              1

1st Doubles(loss)

                Jun ho Ra, Donovan Ruiz                              5              3     

                 Brendan Fitzpatrick Nick Giglio                7             6 

2nd Doubles(win)

                Brian Liu, Jacob Leighton              6              6

                DJ Cauicchi , Erik Burke                  3              4


                Jon Lee frustrated his opponent early in the match by keeping the ball in play and winning many points on unforced errors.  He made a few adjustments between sets and “bageled” Bridgton’s number one player in the second.  Peter Higgins continued his winning ways against Bridgton’s number two.  He won the first set easily and was down 3 games to 2 at the midway point of the second.  However, he regained focus and won 4 of the next 5 games to take the match.   Sage Harris controlled the pace of her match from the start and beat the opponent, only allowing him to win 4 game total.  Jun ho Ra and Donovan Ruiz battled through the first set, keeping even for most of it, but failed to force the tie-break and lost 7 games to 5.  Unfortunately, a combination of frustration and emotion hindered their efforts in the second set and they lost 3 games to 6.  Brian Liu and Jacob Leighton played a longer match than the score might indicate, with many long rallies and games that went to deuce.  However, they won key point when needed and won in two sets.